Taking The Mystery, Not The Magic, Out Of Music!

I love to teach! Sharing music is one of the greatest and most beautiful gifts of all times. 
Over the years I've learned a lot as a teacher. It sounds obvious, but no one is the same or learns in the same way.  Some of us can fit through the box and do just fine...others need a different way through. If I can't find a way for you, I will find someone that can...if you truly want to learn that is!
Music should always be fun and learning should always be too!  Don't want to practice? Then don't!  Some people use their one lesson a week as the the time they practice.  Others go home and don't stop playing until I see them again. Once again...everyone is different.

Some people want to know everything about their instrument, reading, music theory and music history. That's how I am... and I can share that with you. But, some people just want to learn a few chords or beats and jam with their friends.  Not everyone cares about Afro-Cuban 6/8 dance beats or why 3 notes make a major chord. Just show me how to play the darn thing!  Want to lock yourself in the closet and belt out 80’s hits or the Michael Bolton song book? I’m down, I can help! No recitals. No performances. No pressure. If you want to play at the SB bowl or on State Street, I’ll do my best to  help you!                                                                            

I don't want to learn "Symphony No. 9 in D Minor" by Ludwig Van Beethoven! Too bad...you should...but I couldn't teach it to you anyway. So many students don't like the music they "HAVE" to learn. I don't like that.  If you want to be a classical musician you should follow the Suzuki method (which I plan to do in the future).  For the rest of us, learn how to play the songs you like.  And I don't care what songs they are or what genre they come from. If it gets you "INTO" music, then THAT'S the door! Too many music teachers and peers judge the songs the kids really like. I had a teacher like that once.  Embrace that not everyone is the same. But, to be one of the great players it takes something deeper than just lessons. It takes desire. I can’t do it for you, but I can show you the way.  I never pretend to know everything, I learn new things all the time.…everyday is a school day! 

One of the classes I've been teaching the past few years is drums to a 5th grade class.  That's 20-25 10 year olds with sticks and buckets in case you were counting. How do you get a bunch of kids "together"? Put on the right song! Then start clapping and dancing.  Pretty soon the beat gets in you and learning what you are listening to becomes easy...AND FUN!!!  

Drums - Some students come in and start from the begening. Page 1.  Beat 1.  Others are confused by the reading and/or uninterested and take a unique path. Good drummers make it look easy, but it ain't. And it takes time.

Guitar - Well...guitar chords are...shall we say kind of hard to learn.  NOT IMPOSSIBLE! After the initial up-hill climb it get's a lot easier and a lot more fun. Once again, you have to want it.  But if you do...the rewards are great!!!
Parents always say to me, "My kid has only taken 3 lessons and they can already play all these songs!"  Yeah, it's not THAT hard.  

Bass - Who doesn't LOVE the bass??? It's so fun, and if you find guitar to be a bit tough, try the bass. Or do both!

Ukulele - Everyone should learn to play the Ukulele. It's pretty easy and you can take it anywhere! Aloha!!!


Most frequently asked question??? 

Which is the best guitar, ukulele, and/or drum set for me?      The blue one! 

Here are some past students that took their music to another level!