I am truley humbled and greatfull to play for one of Americas greatest Singer/Songwriter/Road Warrior. Two seperate tours in the summer of 2011 were some of the greatest ever. Jack Joshua on bass and Ced Curtis on guitar. It was like living a dream! Current lineup includes Bear Erikson on Guitar;  Bill Flores on mando, pedal steel and accordion. We recorded "Healing Waters" in 2013 and just completed a new album "Solstice Sessions" in 2016. 



I was lucky enough to hold down the drums for 4 years (2008-2012).  It was a tempory thing until original drummer Rick Norton came back from exile.  After Rick's return, we did the double drummer thing. If you've never tried it...you should.   "On My Way", off The Grasshoppers selftitled album was in a  movie with Chis Chistopherson.  Which one ..I'm not sure. We also recorded an untitled album at Erickson Sound Labs  in the Spring of 2013.  The album was never officially released due to the unexpected and heartbreaking passing of singer/guitarist/songwriter/motorcyclist/father/friend Greg DeLeon.

 Greg DeLeon/Guitar and Vocals. The one and only Frank Palmer/ Lead Bass. Matthew Shick/Guitars and Vocals. And special dudes Dave Smith/Guitar and vocals. Ray Panell/Guitar and Vocals. Jeff Elliot/ Trumpet and Keys...(at the same time of course!) Benito on percussion.



I've played on quite a few of Gary's recordings and have played a lot of shows as well.  Sometimes I played guitar, sometime keyboards or Rhodes, and yeah a little drums too on his album "The Color Rose".  We put out a record together once along time ago. Gary is a gifted singer and songwriter as well as a great bass player...and most of all friend.